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Evercycle Three

Evercycle Three is an omnipotent, maniacal, raging bitch from hell! She wreaks havoc everywhere she goes and in every corner of the Superverse. A digital painting, character development and concept art of a major character in the multi Cygnus award winning science fiction book series Citadel 7 by acclaimed author Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom pen and tablet.

System specs: Water cooled Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz | 32 Gigs DDR4 RAM | 64-bit OS | GeForce GTX 970 4GB 256-Bit Dual Monitor.

Evercycle Three

Evercycle Three

Close up  of face

Close up of face

Close up  of dress beadwork

Close up of dress beadwork

Close up  of hand

Close up of hand